Our Aim

THE HOLBORN SCHOOL campaign has sprung from the experience of primary school parents who are concerned that there is no local secondary school for their children.

Local education provision for our children effectively stops at the age of 10, and children find themselves competing for places at schools miles away from their own community. There are over a thousand children aged 11-15 living in our community south of Euston Road, but there is no secondary school.

The area of south of the Euston Road, has very good nurseries and OFSTED outstanding primary schools. People come from miles around to visit Coram’s Fields, a park that you can only visit in the company of a child. This central London location has always been a family area. The child population has doubled over recent years, yet it is a paradox that for a rapidly rising population that currently stands at around 36,000 people, there is no local secondary school.

Drawing of what a school on the Wren Street site might look like

Drawing of what a school on the Wren Street site might look like

The case for The Holborn School is compelling, and is borne out by statistics. Our campaign has the cross-party support Camden councillors, our previous MP Frank Dobson, our current MP Keir Starmer, local primary school head-teachers & governors and local community organisations.

Our consultations and 2013 survey of demand for the school with year 4 and 5 families had a very positive response. We were aiming for a minimum of 120 yes/maybe positive responses in each year group.

The final figures for 2013 were:

Year 4:  Yes 134   Maybe  41  Total positive 175

Year 5:  Yes 153   Maybe  19  Total positive 172

Our 2015 survey of parental demand results were:

Year 3: Yes 194

Year 4: Yes 160

We want:

  • An outstanding local secondary school for local children from local primary schools; a school to which they can transfer with their friends and neighbours.
  •  A school that reflects the character and population of the area we live in – culturally diverse and inclusive.
  • A school whose pupils benefit from the wide and rich resources of its central London location.

To achieve these aims the campaigners are:

• Developing the vision for the school based on the consultations we have had with parents and carers about the sort of school they want for their children.

• Working with the New Schools Network on a Free School application to submit to the Department for Education in October 2014. (UPDATE: The DfE did not accept our application. You can read our response here).

• Making full use of nearby academic and cultural facilities – the museums, libraries, art galleries, concert halls, university colleges and research institutions that can inspire imagination, increase knowledge and extend the horizons of pupils at our school.

• Approaching locally-based major companies and institutions for their expertise and assistance in providing an enriched curriculum.

• Working with Camden to secure the site for the school at Wren Street.

We believe that every child deserves a place at an outstanding local secondary school, and that good local schools help build stronger communities.