Children, Schools and Families Scrutiny Committee Thursday, 18th July 2013 6.30 pm

The Secondary School Places Planning Process goes to CSF Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 18thJuly. Here is a link to the agenda, the reports and appendices.

The report’s statistics show that the child projections for South of Euston Road (SER) are HIGHER than parents have been campaigning on for a new school.

In 2008, the campaign looked at the then projections and said “There are and will continue to be over 800 children aged 11-15 living in Camden south of Euston Road.”  Later projections passed the 900 mark but we haven’t updated ourselves since.  However, if you look at Table 5 in Appendix D (you’ll need a magnifying glass), the projected number is over 1100 throughout the period 2013-33 and over 1200 between 2015-20 and 2027-8.  The three wards South of Euston Road has 12-13% of the borough’s 11 to 15-year olds throughout the 20 year period.

Figure 2 on page 9 of the report makes it look as though the number of eleven-year olds in our area is falling away and then bumping along at a low level. In fact, it is falling away from an exceptionally high point (315) to a level in the range 230-265, rather more than the 180-200 eleven-year olds per year that the campaign usually talks about.

The figures for the two wards north of Euston Road are projected to increase substantially with the Kings Cross Railway Lands development.

In other words, the data in this report strengthens the case for the new UTS on the Wren Street site.  The UTS will admit 120 eleven-year olds each year.

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