March 2013

Some time ago, we visited all the Camden primary schools south of Euston Road – Argyle, Christopher Hatton, St. Alban’s, St. George the Martyr and St. Joseph’s – to discuss our campaign for a new secondary school to serve children living in our area.  Thanks to the help of many parents and others in the local community we carried out a survey which confirmed the enormous support that exists for a good local secondary school.

Sch_signWe are still battling on to try to bring this plan to fruition and have had some success in moving things forward.  Working in close collaboration with the London University Institute of Education, we prepared detailed proposals and a business plan as required by the Department for Education and formally established a Trust to take responsibility for setting up and running the school. Our submission has received in principle approval from the Secretary of State.

The sole problem that we still confront is the difficulty of acquiring a suitable and affordable site or building.  While we do not have grandiose expectations in terms of space, we believe that children living in central London, many of whom have cramped conditions at home, should not be expected to learn in sub-standard accommodation at school.  Camden Councillors continue to be strongly supportive and it looks as though the school’s location may ultimately be the one in Wren Street (off Gray’s Inn Road) which belongs to the Council. However, the earliest it could be completed would probably be September 2016.

We will keep you in touch with progress.  In the meantime, please let us have any ideas or thoughts you may have on the issue.  We would be interested to know how your south of Euston Road Year 6 pupils have fared in this year’s secondary transfer offer of places.  And if your children attend St. Clement Danes, All Souls or Soho Parish we’d be pleased to hear from you too.

Finally, You may have noticed a recent mention in the Press about a private school provider associated with the private College of Humanities in Bloomsbury applying to start a free school.  It’s nothing to do with us!

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