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SarahHaywardThis has come as a bolt out of the blue – after a lot of hard work and a lot of steers and indications that it would be approved. It feels politically motivated. Here is a sponsor which is a leading education specialist maybe not just in this country but in Europe and it can’t get approval. Compare that to some of the other rag-tag organisations that have been given approval and where – some seem to have set up in old scout huts and still get a ‘yes’ – and you have to think there is an ulterior motive. All along the way, the steer has been that this would go through.
Cllr Sarah Hayward, Leader of the Council. Kings X ward.

NashAliI am shocked with the decision taken by Ministers in the Department for Education especially after all the positive feedback that the campaign has received. I can’t believe such a good application has been turned down when shabby applications from organisations with no educational background or experience are being approved. We must all work together to ensure that the Ministers do a U-turn on this and make the right decision!!! You have my full support for this campaign!!!
Councillor Nasim Ali OBE, Cabinet Member for Young People. 

AngelaMasonWe are extremely disappointed with the news that Ministers in the Department for Education are not supporting the proposal from the Institute of Education for a university training school at Wren Street.

There has been a long running and well supported campaign from parents for a school south of Euston Road and the Council remains committed to working with the campaign to find a way to provide a new school for children in the area.
Councillor Angela Mason, Cabinet member for Children.

AdamHarrison-1Recent figures show Bloomsbury to be one of the fastest-growing in London in terms of the rise in number of secondary-school age children in our ward. Never has a secondary school here been more desperately called for. The government can and must change its mind on this, and quickly, as the community here should not have to put up with any further delay in correcting this long-standing injustice.
Cllr Adam Harrison, Bloomsbury ward 

SVnewThis is indeed dreadful and such unexpected news. I will write, and encourage other contacts to write directly to Gove to express concerns on this appalling decision.
Cllr Sue Vincent, Holborn &Covent Garden ward 


I am also shocked and disappointed. I am sure our Governing Body will wish to write a letter to Gove.
Helen Tyler,  Headteacher St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

This is terrible news – we will do all we can to support the ongoing campaign
Gwen Lee, Head teacher Christopher Hatton School

It is indeed a real blow. You have our full support moving forwards.
Rebecca Harris, Headteacher  St George the Martyr CE Primary School

We were devastated to hear of Michael Gove’s recent baffling decision to reject your proposal for a local secondary school on the Wren Street Site, next to Mount Pleasant.
As you are aware, we have been campaigning for a long time for a better quality and more publically-minded development on the
Royal Mail’s Mount Pleasant site and a local community secondary school nearby would have been a dream come true for this densely populated and socio-economically diverse inner-city community. This chance to dream has
been robbed by a political nightmare.
Bit by bit we are witnessing our local community being defiled by political and market forces that claim to care for localism while selling public assets to the highest bidder – the fire station, the post office’s land, and now your school. We must stand united against this devastating process and keep fighting for the common good – our children’s future and the future of our beloved city depend on it.
The Mount Pleasant Association

Letter published in CNJ 20 Feb 2014
Claire-LouiseLeylandHolborn and St Pancras Secondary School Campaign – we were surprised at the (rejection) decision taken by the Department for Education, particularly in light of education secretary Michael Gove’s support for the initiative.
Conservatives in Camden have been fully behind the parents’ campaign for a secondary school south of Euston Road, as was the last Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition in Camden Council.
We would be very interested to know the reasons for rejecting the school as “not viable” and once these are in the open they can form the basis for renewing the school campaign. The rejection is a blow to parents who we know have worked so hard over the years on the campaign for a school. The free schools initiative has opened the way for a small secondary, like the one proposed by local parents, and we will certainly be continuing to support it by writing to Mr Gove and asking why the DfE has turned it down.
Cllr Claire-Louise Leyland, Leader, Camden Conservatives

Conservative candidates, Holborn & Covent Garden ward

Conservative candidates, Bloomsbury ward

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