Survey 2013

As we make progress towards opening the new local school, we consulted with you to make sure that the school we’re planning is the school you want.  Thank you to the 339 families of the 348 year 4 and year 5 children who took part in our survey.

We were aiming for a minimum of 120 ‘Yeses’ in each year group to fill all the school places.  The final figures are:

Year 4:  Yes 134   Maybe  41  Total positive 175

Year 5:  Yes 153   Maybe  19  Total positive 172

The government also required us to “provide a map which shows that potential pupils live within commuting distance of your school.”  We did this using the postcodes you gave us.

 click on each map to enlarge


A couple of points:- multiple occupancy dwellings can result in some markers being on top of each other.   This is a high density housing area, and many families live above and below each other in flats. The map should be taken as a representation. Some people lived further away – off the map.  The two blue markers are the Old Water Pump in Queen Square, and the location of the school itself.

More information about The Holborn School is available on our FAQ page.

You can still let us know what you think and what your ideas are for The Holborn School by sending us an email or using the contact form.